Судья Hip-Hop фестиваля INVEST FEST 2016 - Robert Ryda :
INVEST FEST 2016 - это шанс заявить о себе для каждого участника, а также возможность побороться за призовой фонд фестиваля размером 100 000 рублей.




Sound Engineer

The fIrst records were made with the portable Aiwa tape recorder in 1996 and were some sort of audio news blocks from people at the scene. The first dynamic microphone was a cheap plastic Hama model, then there was the Philips one. But the studio destination was set in 2000 when the first AKG C3000B condenser studio microphone was bought along with the Yamaha MG mixer to phantom power it. The actual hustle to make the first money at that age was to sell something unuseful, like the early Psion portable handheld computer. Currently the studio has everything necessary to produce beats, record vocals, mix tracks or master the album. You can find all current connections with the artists and the portfolio on this site.

Music Producer

The first beats were made on the PlayStation1 gaming console. The sound was playing back through TV speakers. Later those projects were recorded onto the tape by wiring the audio cables of the PlayStation to the Pioneer DJ Mixer and straight into the Sharp casette player system. In early 2000 one of the first versions of the Fruityloops software was out and it took off from there into really programming the beats once again, but on the computer. The latest tool to make production is the MPC Renaissance that works in the perfect collaboration with the DAW.

Rap Artist

The first written rhymes and wordplay appeared in 1996-1997. Although listening to rap music became an important part, the main trigger for actually rapping was the personal connection with one of the brothers of the two artists, who were rapping in a popular local rap group. The first rap tracks were published online being the requirement for the online battles. This continued for about two years in this manner and developed into fresh musical and social connections and popularity to a degree. The name was Ghostrida and the home studio was knows as Rydarecordz.

Grillz Maker

​In the beginning of the year 2000 I was placed in the developing rap movement as an artist and as a learning sound engineer. During the years of trial and error I have found myself to be a valuable asset as a producer and a rapper. I worked with a large number of recording and performing artists, local and international, some of which you probably have heard of today. Once you get to a certain level - you know you have to represent! So I had some style like the ring,  the chain and so on, but making the story short - the grillz were always the completing piece for me being the last accessory I needed, but didnt have (read full story).